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As I'm going to Tokyo for Christmas vacation solo, I want to know what to do so I could enjoy my time there without any serious concerns in any way. The following must be taken as a consideration:

1. I'm a 24-year old college graduate, unemployed, having a net worth of under USD 10000, but a USD 20000 budget has been set up for the period of 19-Dec-14 to 7-Jan-15

2. I have all my vaccines to date, but my vaccination certificate is missing for 8 years straight, unsure on how can it be reissued

3. I currently own an unlocked GSM phone to use with 3G networks

4. I have an IDL issued for one year as stated by Japan traffic law, issued from a third-party agency. This is where I'm renting a car for use during the night

5. I was NEVER convicted of any felony, or awaiting trial for any, not even drug-related

6. I have a moderate knowledge about Japan, plus I am actively learning Japanese on which I'm still at JLPT N5 level

7. Given that I'm an active Job-hunter for Japan, there's a greater chance that I'm called for an interview while I'm under tourist visa

8. I have requested quote for travel insurance, where insurance companies in my country have very poor service nationwide

9. My passports are valid, given that they're recently renewed during summer

10. Must need time away from equatorial climates

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