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So I want to explore Japan.

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I'm thinking about exploring Japan on a trip. I'd love to know what suggestions you have. Where I should go? How much time would the trip mean. I'd like to see some obvious tourist stuff, but I'd prefer to explore the culture as much as possible. And as cheaply as possible, money's tight. Anyway, I thought there might be some good advice to be found here.

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    See my other answers on Japan. But best advice to explore and save money is to buy a Japan Rail Pass which you have to do BEFORE you arrive.

    It'll save you thousands, literally. over 5 years ago

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    If you go through Nagano (where the Snow monkeys are), there's the 1166 Backpacker's Hostel which is quite nice. You should see if there are any other hostels throughout Japan, I'm not so sure it's a thing there. For hotel savings, we found hotels.com and priceline to be particularly helpful.
    It's fun to just wander around. So many people there speak English, even if there's minimal English signage. over 5 years ago

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