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I am unable to buy train tickets online before i arrive in Japan. I am told the trains are PACKED in the period Dec 23 to Dec 29. I am planning the following train trips:
Tokyo to Takayama, Dec 23
Takayama to Kyoto , Dec 25
Kyoto to Tokyo, Dec 29.
I am catching a flight home from Tokyo Haneda in the night of Dec 30. I am planning to get the tics and reservation on Dec 19, when I arrive in Narita. Is that reasonable?

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    We are in Japan at the moment and my wife who is Japanese says you'll have no trouble. Christmas isn't a big deal here in Japan so if you make your reservations when you land you'll be fine.

    Top tip though: buy a Japan rail pass BEFORE you arrive in Japan and you'll save hundreds of dollars on ticket costs. Then you don't need to buy tickets, just reserve your seats.

    Japanese often travel for the new year and then it's crowded but doesn't sound like that'll affect you.

    Enjoy almost 6 years ago

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    Thank you, Original Nomad. That is the second valuable answer you have given me about my trip. Enjoy your stay in Japan and Merry Xmas in advance to you and wife. Cheers. almost 6 years ago

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