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    You can't do much in a day: take the train from the airport and make sure you take a fast/direct one as this can get you to the centre of Tokyo in about an hour. You also need to make sure you catch a fast/direct train back out to Narita which means you'll have to leave centre of Tokyo no later than 3pm. (see http://wikitravel.org/en/Tokyo)

    That gives you roughly 6 hours in Tokyo.

    Depending on what you like I'd pick one of the following:

    - head to Shibuya for fashion/shopping or Harajuku for a young peoples area. Wonderful energy in both of these places:

    - Akihabara is the electronics district which is always quite a wonder

    - Asakusa is not bad for a quick temple experience, although it doesn't rate compared to say Kamakura, which is 2.5 hours south of Tokyo.

    Here is a one day itinerary, but I think you'd be knackered at the end of this:

    enjoy. I always have a ball when in Tokyo


    simon over 10 years ago

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