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Hey people! I am heading to Japan in a few weeks and I am keen to buy a bike while I am there. Just wanted to no where I can do this and if anyone has done it before. I also think bikes need to be registered? is that correct? and How do you go about getting a second hand bike registered?

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    If I remember, you fill out the registration when you buy the (2nd hand) bike - and you get a certificate.

    I guess it depends where in Osaka you'll be based, but I think 2nd hand bike shops are reasonably easy to find.

    Don't know how much Japanese you know but if you search Google maps for '自転車ショップ' in the area you'll be, that should help (if that doesn't look like Japanese, you may need to install Japanese language support.

    You can use this link for bike shops in the whole of Osaka City: http://snurl.com/w3g10

    Or if you just want to ask someone where the nearest bike shop is (again, sorry if you know Japanese already!), you can ask 'chikaku no jitensha shoppu ga doko desu ka?'

    Hope that helps! over 10 years ago

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    Hey Chris!
    My Japanese is sort of limited to Sake and Fugu, don't think that will really help when it comes to 2nd hand bikes.
    I will be near Kyobashi, hopefully there will be one around there.
    Thanks heaps for you help! Also thanks heaps TRAVELLR!!! over 10 years ago

    Answered by Jake Bresnehan via Site_iconTravellr.com

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