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Hi. We have been planning our Japan trip and will be there April 7-14 2013. Planning to do Tokyo, Kyoto and confused whether to add Osaka, Hiroshima or Nara. We really wanna do the bullet train too. Most of the cherry blossom would be over but in the hope of catching some tail end can u subject what city should be do first and how should we plan, thanks

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    The full bloom time of Sakura is an early hope this year.
    It is a flower forecast as of March 20 of the kind of the Somei Yoshino which is the most popular cherry tree.
    In Tokyo, Sakura is in full bloom on March 23, and even March 30 is best time to see.
    It is expected to be scattered on April 7.
    Osaka and Hiroshima of full bloom of Sakura are anticipation on March 30.
    Nara and Kyoto are anticipation on March 31.
    If it does not become stormy weather, about one week is best time to see from full bloom. about 6 years ago

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    If you can't be flexible with your travel dates, be flexible with your location. The blossom will bloom in the south first, and bloom last in the colder far north. So if you get to one location and you've missed it, head north!
    Best of luck. about 6 years ago

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    Thanks about 6 years ago

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    Heard Japan is very expensive and thinking of doing Seoul in the last 2 days instead. Would u recommend that or doing another city besides Tokyo n Kyoto and which one? about 6 years ago

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