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WE are traveling with our daughters ( who are in their late teens) and spending 7 days in Osaka and Kyoto. We've been warned of exposure to radiation even 2 years after Fukushima. Are levels of radiation in these two cities of serious concern to their health and reproductive capabilities.

Would shortening our trip to four days be safer or should we cancel the trip all together.

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    The Kansai region, such as Osaka and Kyoto, is not subject to the influence of the Fukushima accident.
    I think that it is completely safe there.
    (My family lives in Osaka.) What is necessary will be just to avoid the foods made in the prefecture in the Fukushima, and Kanto bloc (it is north area from Tokyo) and northeast Pacific Ocean side, if you worry warning.
    It is taking in the foods produced in the Kansai region.
    Usually, although the foods from Kansai are used in the Kansai region in many cases, if warning is worrisome and the place of production of foods will be checked at a restaurant, how is it?
    Although my family (two sons of early teens) has chosen the foods from Kansai at the market, he is eating by dining out without caring about a place of production.
    That in which the foods from a northeast circulate is inspected, and radioactivity an undetected thing is almost the case.
    Even if detected, the thing beyond a legal standard has stopped circulation.
    Although I live in Tokyo, it is not so changeful with the dose of radiation in front of an accident in Tokyo.
    However, I am made to choose from Tokyo the foods which were able to be taken in the west just to make sure.
    the travel in a northeast area like Fukushima as a personal opinion -- if it kicks, it is not necessary to care about the travel for seven days almost 8 years ago

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