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Hi! I'm from the Philippines and we're going to Osaka this coming January 17 to 22 with a 1 year old baby. We are a group of 5 adults (2 are in their 20s & 1 is 19) & one 13 year old boy.

Coming from a tropical country, I wonder how cold the weather is there now and how I can protect my baby from getting too cold, what places you may suggest we can go to that would be suitable to bring a baby with us.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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    There is a collection of outdoor stores ( if that's the sort of clothing gear you are after) near Osaka station. The first bunch is in an arcade called "Albi". The second bunch is in the Grand Front Osaka building all together on on floor (I think it was level 5) over 6 years ago

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    I should also have mentioned that one of these stores - Mont Bell had a good rnge of kids jackets, thermals beanies etc... There is a Mont Bell in the "Albi" arcade but also another large one in the Grand Front Osaka shopping tower. over 6 years ago

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