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Does it snow every Christmas for Japan?

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    Japan ida large archipelago; go to Sapporo or the mountains and you'll be guaranteed many meters of snow ... go to Okinawa in the south and it's pretty unlikely you see any.

    But Tokyo at Christmas? Yep, cold! about 6 years ago

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    I've been in the Tokyo area in mid-(January and there was no snow ; in fact it was pretty mild. Of course that might have been unusual, but my Japanese friends didn't say so. about 6 years ago

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    Here is a monthly temperature report by Japan Meteorological Agency.
    If you take a look at "Daily Maximum" or "Daily Minimum" temperature, you can get a hint.
    Northern parts of Japan gets very cold even when the temperature is at their "Daily Maximum."
    Other parts of Japan can have snow if Minimum temperature gets cold enough.
    However, if their temperature is at maximum temperature, it's too warm for snow.
    So, it depends. about 6 years ago

    Answered by Mariko via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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