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Hello, my partner raised the above question when she purchased her new mobile phone and it got me thinking too, could goods that are imported from Japan, Korea, Taiwan into the united kingdom potentially be
contaminated from last years earthquake? as we realised that both our newly purchased mobile phones are manufactured from there and a lot of our babies recently purchased toys are from that part of the world. "we are worried" is it possible that these products/materials are contaminated from levels of, inc the food as we love eating asian food??

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    The question is "who do you believe"? Both the UK and Japan governments say its safe (else you would have seen an embargo in place already). Would you rather believe some stranger on a website or your established government? If you are suspicious and believe in conspiracy theories, then get the goods from the UK itself. Goods may be cheaper in these parts of the world, but nothing anyone says here is going to bring you the peace of mind. I live in Tokyo BTW and am here for better or worse :) over 6 years ago

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