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im going to tokyo this year and im worry tokyo isnt the right place to stay cause the radiation still very high. is that something we cant eat?

i found this from a site
Food Restrictions

Consolidated and updated information on food restrictions in Fukushima prefecture were reported on 30 May by the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare indicating that restrictions on the distribution of bamboo shoots were lifted in the Hirata-Mura area. However, restrictions remain in effect on the distribution of raw unprocessed milk, turnips, bamboo shoots and ostrich fern in specific areas of the prefecture. Restrictions on the distribution and consumption of sand lance fish (the whole prefecture) and specific non-head type (e.g. spinach) and head-type leafy vegetables (e.g. cabbage), flower head brassicas (e.g. broccoli, cauliflower) and shiitake mushrooms (specific areas of the prefecture) also remain in effect.


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