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    I just came from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto. I loved it -- clean and super polite. You can walk around the Hanzomon business district (the heart of Japan's parliamentary politics), evening visit to Shinjuku and Akihabara for food and electronics (it glows brighter than Vegas), early morning visit to Tsukiji Fish Market to see the bidding process and have brunch (the longer the line the better the food...all fresh), walk or jog along the imperial compound and see Kusunoki Masashige statue in full samurai uniform and the Tokyo Skyline (he's the epitome of knightly loyalty). Cab base fare is 710¥. If you've a day to spare, spend 890¥ ($10.15) for a 40-min. train ride to Kamakura to see the famous Daibatsu / great Buddha and enjoy the food and treat in this tiny town.

    For minor spending on snacks, orange juice, etc. stop by any Lawson, Family Mart, or 711 shops.
    Enjoy! almost 9 years ago

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    890¥ to Kamakura??? From where?? 15min trip by taxi costs ~1.500¥. once i took cab from disney land to yokohama (30-40min trip) it was ~15.000 ¥!! so if u want to go to kamakura, better take train, much more cheaper, less than 1.000¥ from tokyo :) why 2 nights in disney sea? 1 night is already too much there :) sky tree opens on may, u can go there, tokyo tower, asakusa, roppongi, fuji, must to go to onsen- hot spring, but tattoo not allowed :) dont stay all 7 nights only in ikebukuro :) a lot of fun in tokyo, especialy in summer time! :) enjoy tokyo! Japan tanoshii! :) almost 9 years ago

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