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Is it safe to travel to Jamaica?

about 9 years ago about Jamaica

Is it safe to travel to Jamaica at this time or there is a danger of more hurricanes this time of year?

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    Hurricane season is June to November. Tropical storm Maria is presently sitting just north of Puerto Rico and heading west-northwest, so it is over 1000kms from Jamaica and not going in that direction, but you get the idea. about 9 years ago

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    Yes. Although some jamaicans can be slightly aggressive when selling stuff, they will respect your space after a polite no thanks/not interested. Every country has it's sketchy individuals, but I'd say it's safe! about 9 years ago

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    Any country with poverty can be dangerous. But all in all they are a friendly polite people. When I went I stayed in a resort and outside of it was extremely impoverished and dirty, witch was quiet a surprise to me since the resort was gorgeous. The "best weed" in the world was a joke, Men would stand on the beaches with herb for sale wrapped in news paper or a paper lunch bag full for 20 US but it's all weak tourist crap, let's hope your not goin for that reason, if u are I'd just recommend Vancouver lol. If you actually want to see their beautiful country, dress simple, no jewelry, and don't carry lots of cash. O and it always helps to wear the ol' red maple leaf pin or flag, they know us to be more friendly. Cheers about 9 years ago

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