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From London, I will be flying to Venice and then train to Milan and lastly Rome. Will there be any problems during this period?Any strike?

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    Autumn is the wettest time of year in that part of Europe, so storms are always possible.
    The one that caused this most recent flooding passed through mid-week, but is now gone. So this was more a case of FLASH flooding rather than sustained inundation.
    Several towns in Liguria (around Genoa) were badly affected, as was the Cinque Terre, but unless you're going to those particular places (Monterosso, Borghetto Di Vara, Mulazzo, Aulla) you should be okay. Some highways and railways in Liguria were cut, but are expected to be reopened by Sunday 30 October.
    As for Venice, it floods every autumn and winter, and November is the worst month. They call it Acqua Alta, and it has a lot to do with the tides. They sound a siren 3 or 4 hours before a high tide to warn that it is about to flood.
    The riots: there's an ongoing protest against budget cuts which flares up into a demonstration and maybe a riot from time t time. But it's usually limited to areas close to government buildings, it's not like they charge through the Pantheon. If you do see a big public gathering, simply walk away and don't get involved. about 9 years ago

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    • Oh I meant to say.... to check on the possibility of strikes check out www.easytravelreport.com Ask Phil about 9 years ago
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    We are currently in Milan, there is o problem and the weather is wonderful. We cam this morning from nice and monaco, both of these places were also perfect. Avoid cinque tere area . . . about 9 years ago

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