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    I spent a few weeks tour Italy before I headed to Sora, Italy to work. If you want to see the big cities like Venice, Florence, Milan, Rome, and Naples, you definitely can, you just have to be careful on things like where you stay, what you eat, and how you get there. Stay at hostels, eat from local pizzerias instead of tourist places, and be really selective in what museums you want to see. Some hostels offer free walking tours to their guests and discounts for meals at different nearby places. Since you are also going in a slower part of the year for tourist, you should be able to get some good prices for a hostel bed as well.
    As for traveling, you can find train tickets at the TrenItalia website for a pretty good price. Buses are also a really inexpensive way to travel, but I don't have a website to share for that.
    Personally, I loved visiting Venice and Florence. Both are a little more on the tourist side and probably a little more expensive, but I enjoyed the atmosphere in both. In Venice, I did take a tour, but I really enjoyed just walking around for hours at a time and discovering hidden places. It didn't cost anything to do that and it was my favorite part, along with going to the Fish Market in the mornings. In Florence, the leather market was wonderful to walk through (although watch your bag/purse/wallet) and you can easily walk around the entire city. You can catch a train from Florence to Pisa, but you really only need to spend a few hours there and don't worry about spending a night, just take a train back to Florence. Siena is also very beautiful and easy to get to from Florence. I didn't have a chance to go to Verona, but from people I've talked to, they just loved it. I think it all depends on what you want to see, but don't let a low budget stop you from heading to the big cities, if that is where you want to go. Just make your arrangements ahead of time and have a plan on how you are traveling... I have found that I sometimes spend more money when I do have a plan as opposed to when I do. Have a great trip! over 9 years ago

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    Florence or rome!! Food can very signifcantly in price and there all sorts of places to visit and walk around!! Beautiful cities :)

    Rome has many touristic squares worth visitingg that are extremely fun to spend a cpl of hours at. Also visiting during xmas will be extremely charming. Visiting the vatican is also an essential place to visit. Its an ten mins away from the heart of Rome.

    ROME would definelty be my recommendation. I can give u the list of places to go if youre gna end up gng there :) over 9 years ago

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