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My daughter is going on an art college trip to Rome for 5 days and I'm not sure how much to budget for her living expenses. Her bed and breakfast is already paid but she will need lunch, dinner and entry fee for museums etc.

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    Rome does not have to run terribly expensive on meals. For a lunch one can get a decent lunch including wine and water for under 15 Euros while a dinner should run no more than 25 Euros for a decently nice meal. As far as the museums, the entries for most of these are highly variable but as a student she should always ask for the student discounts or the youth discount where available. about 9 years ago

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    Always best to "go native" and you can NOT go wrong with authentic Roman pizza. Tell your daughter not to be surprised if she has to buy it by weight (as in 100 gram increments) rather than by the slice as we are used to. about 9 years ago

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    Don't buy from street vendors! Soda's were outrages but I didn't ask first! about 9 years ago

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