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    Puglia, expecially Salento (the part of the region that has Lecce as capital province town) has every corner too beatiful to summarize into few words.
    Lecce is worth a visit being considered the "Florence of the South", with its baroque masterpieces. Spend a day over. Restaurants & coffee: no hints needed, just hang out and look for any place, better asking locals. Southern Italy has a cozy tradition for eating you won't be disappointed.
    Places to see: from Lecce take to east, to Adriatic shoreline, from San Cataldo southwards you'll fine fantastic sandy beaches as well as battered cliffs, be sure to carry with you the camera. Unforgettable landscapes open from San Foca till Otrant and even to Santa Maria di Leuca, the southernmost point of Puglia where two seas merge (Adriatic and Ionian) and you can really see both water - different colour - merge into each other.
    August is very crowded, being Summertime holidays, and is very hot, can be above 40°C noon time, on the shore is windy and more bearable.
    Maruggio lies on the western part of Apulian territory, drive from Lecce not straightforward as navigation system could steer you, but be sure to drive to Gallipoli (SSW of Lecce) then drive along the coast, you'll find fantastic sandy beaches too (Apulia is called Italy's California)
    Enjoy your trip! over 8 years ago

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    Leo, thank you so much for your great answer!! we would take your suggestions for our road trip!
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