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Hello, I have seen on the news that the city of Bari has been the scene of several confrontations between police and illegal immigrants. At this point is safe to visit this Italian city?

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    the centre is quite like any other southern italian city although not as nice. I felt quite safe even at night although it didn't spend much time as i was on my way to Lecce which is a fantastic baroque city worth visiting. i would avoid wandering in the outskirts though (Bari) about 9 years ago

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    Watch out for pick-pocketers. Keep documents and cash in your front jeans pocket. Old Bari is the only place worth visiting but be careful of what I said above. Don't worry about getting involved in any kind of demonstrations or violent movements. Very rare. about 9 years ago

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    I have visited Bari, no trouble at all. No handbags showing etc. about 9 years ago

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