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    Are you sure you wanna hire/rent a car?? I'm not sure about the international drivers license but I'm sure that is going to cost you less if you take a train!! In Venice, if you plan on keeping the car, you're going to pay A LOT just to park it outside the city... plus trains work pretty well... with the frecciaregento you're going to pay 48,50 euros each (first class is 65,90) and you won't have to pay highways, gasoline etc ttc... plus you can enjoy the view without worring about where you have to go!!

    I know it's not what you asked but I hope that could help you the same!! ;P Enjoy Venice and try the Spritz (good drink to have before dinner!!) about 9 years ago

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    Yes an International Drivers Permit is required. They're cheap(ish) and easy to get. Go through NRMA if you haven't left Australia yet.
    Small problem if you've already left Australia.... you can't use an IDP in the country it's issued, so you can't get one in Italy for use in Italy. You could get one from, say, UK before you get to Italy.
    By the way, I fully agree with Martina re the train. Have done Florence-Venice by train and it's simple. Step outside the main terminal and straight onto a vaporetto which is heading to your accommodation. When I was there we were assisted by tourist guides (official ones) who told us which number vaporetto we needed. Time your arrival for late afternoon, the setting sun turns all the marble buildings pinkish!
    Have also done the hire car thing. Got one outside Venice and drove to Naples.... it was ok, but would do the train next time.
    Phil about 9 years ago

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