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I'm going backpacking (mostly through Europe, but possibly other countries too) and only thought I'd need a UK an EU adapter... but noticed italy has a 3 prong socket, however it should fit EU adapters but "the connection will no longer be grounded"? No idea what that means, does it matter? If I have an adapter that doesn't alter the voltage is that ok?

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    In Italy we officially use a 3 prong socket and plunger.
    In the middle, we have a ground contact.
    The EU adaptor you have, probably, is a Schuko adaptor and is not suitable for our socket because the diameter of each prong is larger than our.
    Notwithstanding, we have, mainly in hotel and other public areas, many Schuko socket, or mixed socket, but if you want to be sure, you have to bring with you an Italian adaptor.
    http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spina_elettrica (type L in the file; Schuko in Type F)
    Ciao almost 10 years ago

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