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    Hi Valentina, there are many things to consider to stay safe as a solo traveler - male or female!

    Luckily for you, World Nomads has just featured an article from Janice Waugh, the publisher of Solo Traveler - a website dedicated to staying safe while traveling solo.


    Here is her article featuring her top 10 tips for safe solo travel!


    Have fun, and stay safe!

    Jesse - World Nomads about 10 years ago

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    Travelling on your own anywhere can be daunting and a little scary. You need to be prepared and be aware of your surroundings. My advice is not to do in another country, something you wouldnt do at home.

    The UK has its trouble spots, as does every country, and you should take precautions such as travelling alone late at night, getting into unlicensed taxis, hitching etc. Don't get me wrong, for every "bad" thing that happens, I have seen unlimited amounts of generous acts towards travellers who have got a bit stuck - such as recently in the Highlands a young couple ran out of fuel literally in the middle of nowhere. Someone stopped, rang the garage which was about 20 miles away, who then sent someone with a jerry can of fuel to the stranded couple. Amazing.

    I have travelled to Paris a few times on my own, and decided that I would pay a little more for a nicer hotel in a nicer area and perhaps forego my gourmet meals for something that kept me on budget. I didnt use the metro at night but I did wander around the local neighbourhood without any problems.

    In London, I used to regularly travel on the tube late at night - but maybe because I lived there so felt "comfortable".

    Travelling on your own can be very liberating, but it can also be a bit lonely and daunting. I like a mix of own/with company. Good luck. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Answered by Mauro via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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