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I'm traveling with two other college students and we're trying to decide where to go - Spain and reside in Barcelona or Italy and reside in Rome. We haven't been to either country yet and are wondering what the best experience would likely be. I know both would be amazing it's just hard to decide and I'd love some input.

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    Hello Bridget

    The cities Barcelona and Rome are not polar opposites. Also, due to the ease and efficiency of plane travel, you can easily divide your time in both through direct flights with budget flights between them.

    Rome within Italy and as Italy's capital city occupies a different role than Barcelona as Spain's second city and restive capital of Catalonia.

    Both cities are chock-a-block full of historic sights and sounds. Have a variety of restaurants and night life spots that primarily cater for residents before visitors but are accessible to them also.

    Better than any comments you get here is introspection into what is really important for you and your fellow travelers and do research through the Internet into how far either city caters to your requirements and desires.

    Don't neglect other cities in either country; Venice, Milan, Bologna, Naples and Palermo etc in Italy just as an example or Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Burgos, Valencia etc. in Spain. ANy of those can also contribute to a mind blowing experience. over 4 years ago

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    "Roma caput mundi " It is Latin, old lenguage spoken during the Roman Empire, more then 2000 years ago! There isn't any other place in the world where you can see more than 2000 years of history, like : Colosseo, Fori imperiali and than going through the Rinascimental era and see all wondeful buildings.. Museums like the most important in Città del Vaticano:Cappella sistina and Italia Michelangelo's painting Giudizio Universale.. And what about fun.. All evenings in Rome you can seat in One of the thausend squares, have some drinks listening to good Music that someone's playing live.. Eat the best food and have the best drink in the world and have a Spritz.. ( drink it.. It's typical alcoolic Italian beverega be for dinner. And if you want some sea .. Near Roma you can find beautiful beaches .. I hope you will choose Roma.. You will fall in love with her.. over 4 years ago

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    For relaxation and light hearted time on a budget as a student then definitely Spain. For more historical importance or architecture then definitely Italy. Depending on what you prefer. Both have beautiful coastlines though. Enjoy over 4 years ago

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    I have been to both I travel to Europe every year. My heart belongs to Italy! Italy is a warm & welcoming country so very much to see, I hope every year & have been for the last 10 yrs & still love going back every yr. I have a friend of mine who is a Spanish professor here in TN, & have gone to Spain with him, he still has family in Alicante Spain which is a fabulous town along with Barcelona & Madrid. Both are great counties, but I would go to,Italy! over 4 years ago

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    Depends on what you're looking for. The highlights of Spain: the nightlife in Barcelona, the food in San Sebastian, and the beaches in southern Spain. The highlights of Italy - the history in Rome, the art in Florence, and the romance of Venice. Plus, you can't beat the Italian food. Both are beautiful, diverse countries that are rich in culture and history. I visited both in college and fell in love with Italy. over 4 years ago

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    Like everyone says, both are amazing! You will not regret either choice if you have to chose one, so whichever you pick, make the most of it. Here is my experience in both of these cities:

    Barcelona: In Barca I found myself going out dancing some nights and others going to a reggae show and drinking with new friends. All of this came naturally by meeting people and walking around. People are very very friendly and night life is spectacular. One night I even went to the beach after dancing with a girl I met and we stayed up until sunrise, how can it get better than that? Other great things are the architecture (my favorite I have ever seen thanks to the Spanish architect Gaudi), the food and wine, and smaller crowds than Rome.

    Rome: In Rome I also had a movie like experience where I met a girl and we got bikes, a room, and spent the whole week together exploring the history and cuisine of one of the most important places in history. Like Barca, you won't have any trouble finding good food and drink. A big difference does lie in the architecture, this architecture is stunning as well and it carries so much history. It is definitely an experience getting to see first hand everything you learned about growing up. Other than that I only experienced night life one night by myself. It was when I arrived and went into a bar with open mic and heard the most beautiful voice. Then came a conversation with that voice, and a drink, and you can imagine the rest. So I can't say what night life is like nightly when you aren't with a romantic interest but I will say Rome can be a very very romantic city to share with someone.

    Again, both are great choices and hold for me experiences I could never forget. Do some research and find what you would like to do, make a list, flip a coin, either way neither city will disappoint. over 4 years ago

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    Hard choice. Rome is more expensive. Rome is bigger, each district is like it's own little city. If you choose Rome stay in the Vatican area, I had a super B&B there and walked everywhere. Barcelona is also lovely, stay close to the Rambla and do take hop on hop off buses, best way to see sights cheap. Barcelona is better for shopping, Rome is simply amazing. As has been said you can't go wrong with either choice. I would not divide my time, pick one and enjoy it, relax and don't try to do,everything. For e ample I did the Vatican tour and it was so,crowded it was not fun at all. For college bound students perhaps the history in Rome would be good, but hey Barcelona is also filled with history. The arts are in both places depending on either Dali & Picasso in Spain or Michealangelo in Rome. Have fun you have two marvelous choices. over 4 years ago

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