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    My friend & I are also traveling to Italy in January, when will you be going? over 5 years ago

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    I have been to Venice four times, twice on my own. I never had any problems. After sundown the city empties of tourist and is quiet. My only caution is that the narrow streets can feel very dark when walking alone so it is best to know where you are going after dark. The streets can be confusing enough in the day light. Whenever I travel alone, I prefer to stay in the historic center of cities. I would stay in Venice and not in Mestre or another mainland location. Avoid weekends if you can, when the city can be very crowded. Unlike other parts of Italy, many restaurants open earlier and close earlier in the evenings. When traveling, I've met solo women travelers who have a big lunch to avoid eating dinner alone. This has never bothered me and I have had lovely conversations with other diners or staff. I take a book or a journal and enjoy the atmosphere. Unfortunately, some Italian restaurants don't like to seat single diners (not just women) because they see less revenue from a table, especially when the restaurant has only one seating a night. This hasn't happened to me in Venice but it has in Florence and Siena. If this happens, ask if they have a house table where they will seat solo diners. Others at the table are usually friendly. I love Venice. Buon viaggio. over 5 years ago

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