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Italian Travel precautions?

almost 5 years ago about Italy

Read your France tips and wonder if you have anything similar for Italy where we are heading in Sept. Very insightful, thank you for anything you can add. Gordon

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    Hi Gordon,
    I haven't read the France tips, but Italy is probably similar (at least according to my experience). The countryside is totally safe (well, still lock your car), but in the cities you have to really watch out for your stuff. A friend of mine had his watch stolen off his wrist in the subway in Rome! Be especially careful with the little kids. They have their hands in your pockets without you feeling it. Backpacks are especially dangerous, so maybe bring a couple of little locks you can use. Despite all this - Italy is a gorgeous country to visit and September is a great time!
    Have fun! almost 5 years ago

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    There is this tread on ricksteves that warn of people at the Termini that pretend to help people to buy train tickets and then when they held on to the ticket until you pay them a certain amount they demand. Please don't accept random help if the person looks suspicious. I have actually encountered this before. Also beware of you belongs at crowded areas like the Termini. almost 5 years ago

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