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    Italy has a huge variety but some of our favorites would be:

    - stay high above Amalfi in the town of Ravello and walk the Amalfi coast. Great trails and not many tourists outside of the honeypots.

    - lots of people dislike Naples, but we loved it. Try the candle-lit underground tour through tunnels cut several thousand years ago. Even the most passé teen couldn't fail to be thrilled.

    - Rome, of course. Heaps to see.

    - hire a moped or car and explore Tuscany. Don't plan, just go. You'll find the unexpected. If you get to San Gimeano, go late in the afternoon when all the tourists have left. It's a different place. over 5 years ago

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    Hi Jaya,
    When you are in Italy, you should definitely check out some of the old ruined cities of Pompei and/or Herculaneum which got destroyed during a major volcanic eruption.
    Also, the old harbor of Rome, called Ostia, is worth a visit. All pretty cultural stuff, but I'm sure your kids will love it, as it's like stepping back in time when you see those old mosaics and amphitheaters. All of these sights are easily accessible by publict transport.
    Natural beauty you'll find around the lakes of Northern Italy (Lago di Como, etc.), along the Amalfi Coast, and in many more places. Just do a road-trip and stop wherever you feel like it.
    Have fun!
    www.travelintense.com over 5 years ago

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