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I will be travelling for a month in Italy, and I'm on a tight budget.
I will do things that are mostly free, I will probably eat maximum twice a day. For stay, I will be using couch surfing. For intercity travels, I'll be using my Eurail/Interail pass.

Do you think 30 euros a day will be enough?
Also, do recommend some great places to go while I'm there! What you think is interesting, I think it's interesting too! Let me know :)

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    www.priceoftravel.com publishes a "Backpackers Index" each year for popular cities around the world. We have found this to be a handy resource to get an idea about budget travellers prices as we move from country to country. They break down the daily costs into common expenses such as food, drinks, transport, accommodation so maybe you use that information to get some ideas about where you can cut costs. almost 6 years ago

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    Well, if you don't include transport and sleep in those 30 euros, yeah, it might be ok.
    A pretty tight budget but still doable. There are a lot of beautiful experience to do for free, related to history and architecture for example, as well as nature and beach life.
    Be careful on your drinking, that's where most of the money goes. over 5 years ago

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    Yeah 30 euros is ok. Last time when I was there with my girlfriend, I lost my card so we were super short on cash. We managed to only spend on the colosseum ticket at 6 euros each( students and after 5 i think) and food from the street vendor. So i think we only spent like 30 euros for both of us.

    Places to visit:
    Campo de' Fiori Markets
    The vibrant outdoor markets of Campo dei Fiori provides a lively scene, filled with throngs of eager shoppers, friendly vendors and plenty of colours, flavours and scents. Holidaymakers on a budget will find a plethora of stores selling fresh produce perfect for a picnic lunch, or for cooking a delicious dinner back in their vacation rental.

    Galleria Borghese
    Art lovers should not miss out on a visit to Gelleria Borghese. Housed in a villa in the middle of the Borghese family estate, the impressive collection includes works by neoclassical artists such as Antonio Canova, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

    Ponte Sisto
    An exploratory stroll is one of the best way to discover the beauty of Rome. Venturing from vicolo to vicolo, piazza to piazza, you will set sight on an array of charming streets and quaint shops. Make time for a fascinating two hour stroll that will take you across Ponte Sisto and the magnificent Tiber River.

    Roman Forum
    Now a state of ruins, the Roman Forum was once ancient's Rome majestic centerpiece, a striking district of temples, basilicas and public spaces. Countless of events, ranging from grand processions and key elections, to criminal trials, gladiator fights and prostitution have occurred at this historical site.
    An exploratory walk along its cobbled streets is an activity not to be missed. Start off your expedition from the Capitoline Hill, before proceeding on to other points of interest within the site. over 5 years ago

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