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My wife has asked for a month in Italy for her 50th birthday. Luckily for me she wants to take our daughter and me along. She has been reading guide books on Italy for the past two months and has come up with her wishlist itinerary. It sounds fantastic in the guidebooks and what we can plan from another continent. My concern is things can be very different once you are in Italy and that some of our locations will be hard to put together, i.e. connect from one to the next. Another concern is we are trying to do too much. Travel can be exhausting and with so many destinations I'm wondering if we wont be getting as much out of Italy and our holiday as an Itinerary with longer stays and fewer stops. All travel within Italy will be by train. Any input appreciated. Here it is.

Fly to Rome Three nights in Rome, three nights in Naples, four nights in Amalfi, three nights in Florence, two nights in Venice, two nights in Garda, two nights in Milan, three nights in Como, three nights at Lake Maggiore, three nights outside Cinque Terra, two nights in Rome. Fly home.

Thanks in advance.

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    Look into a few night trains. They do need to take your passport, but give it back to you when they wake you up and you disembark. Day trains will be a relaxing break from running through the cities. I believe that you have to reserve seats on Italian trains, so you'd have to book a new seat if you miss your train.
    One website we used was seat61.com and it has loads of helpful info on trains and places all over Europe.

    As long as you have an idea of what you want to see in each city but are flexible enough to let some of it go if you don't have time, then you can do it. It sounds like your wife wants an intense sightseeing trip rather than a relaxing one. Totally doable.

    Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of packers you tend to be. It's always to over pack, but it's also easy to hand wash items in the hotel sink. Also consider that everything you take will be on your back or will be dragged around Italy, and likely souvenirs will be purchased and the bag gets heavier as you go. over 6 years ago

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    How fabulous! Last year we drove to Italy (from the UK). We spent 4 nights, 3 days in Venice staying just outside because we were driving so it was easier to bus into each day. We saw everything we wanted to in those days. We drove to Rome and spent another 3 nights there and used the train and metro to get around. A friend has just been to Rome and had 4 days 5 nights there and arranged transfer from the airport to and return for her hotel before going. We then went to Florence and Pisa staying for a couple of nights each. We did stay in less known towns because we had a car and we could and so this isn't all of our itinerary, just a snapshot.

    Last October we flew to naples and caught the bus from the airport to the city (which is easy to do) and then caught the underground to near our hotel. Be careful her with your bag. I had my wallet pick pocketed on arrival here. We stayed 5 nights in naples visiting Pompeii by train and then travelled by train to sorrento staying here for approx 5 days. (We caught the bus directly back to the airport from here for 10€ each to go home). Had a great time. Train travel is frequent and easy to use, but you could also hire a car. That would enable you to visit the countryside staying in Agritourismo accommodations. You do need to bear in mind that petrol is quite expensive though. Enjoy your holiday! over 6 years ago

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