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This is something of a rhetorical question since we've just co e back from Italy and really struggled to find great place to eat. Trip Advisor? Meh. Full of tourist places. Lonely Planet? Meh. Boring.

How do you locate the sorts of places that locals eat in?

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    There are two ways to achieve this.
    1.Ask the concierge in your hotel. If you are lodged in a good 3 or 4 star hotel he will know where to go. Do not however expect to eat cheaply, the best Italian food is fresh, local and expertly cooked. These things throughout the developed world are time consuming which means the price is higher.
    2. Look where the tourists are going and head the opposite way.

    Last year I returned, after a 30 year gap, to an old haunt near the Vatican which once upon a time was off-track and the restaurants were homely and good. The area is now on the tourist track and restaurants were pretty average.

    Once again, ask a local. If you book a hotel with us, we will always get the name of the right person to ask. hpshotels.co.uk about 7 years ago

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    Ask on Twitter! My recs on great eating in Rome & Italy are in articles listed in this link http://traveleater.wordpress.com/category/europe/ about 7 years ago

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