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Euro rail or tranitalia?

over 8 years ago about Milan, Italy

Me and my family are travelling around italy to multiple cities in 2 weeks.. We are traveling to Milan, como, Venice, Florence, Napoli and finally Rome. Should i get the eurorail pass or tranitalia tickets for individual journeys?

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    I had no trouble with Trenitalia. The trip takes a little longer, but my cabins were less crowded and I enjoyed all my trips a little more than with Eurorail. over 8 years ago

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    You can find out the prices of tickets for individual legs (Milan to Florence, for example). Add up the prices. Then go to Eurail.com and find the cost of a pass. The pass can be used for a certain number of days in 1 or 2 months, e.g., 5 days in 2 months. That is, it's in terms of days, not train trips. You can take as many trips in any day as you want in that 24 hours, and it only counts for one day.
    I've used these passes often and they're very convenient. In fact, we took almost the same itinerary as yours four years ago.I think you'll be better off with a pass with all the travel you plan. over 8 years ago

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