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    Too late for you, Jordi, but hopefully in time for others.
    Today I had pizza for lunch at one of my favorite pizzerias, Il Pizzaiolo, on Via dei Macci, next to the Sant'Ambrogio market. You can't go wrong here!

    Next to the Medici Chapels, the place for pizza is Ciro & Sons, on Via del Giglio. Family owned and operated, it's always an event!

    Next to the basilica of Santa Maria Novella is Pizzeria Dantesca - always delicious.

    On the other side of the river, O' Munaciello is the place! It's on Via Maffia, near Santo Spirito. Wednesday nights - live Neapolitan music that turns into one big sing-along!

    Mmm... getting hungry! over 8 years ago

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