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    It depends what you are looking to get out of your experience ... History (Pompeii) or beautiful, glamorous and charming surroundings (Capri). Capri is quite tourist-filled, but you can still find quiet places away from the crowds. Capri can also be quite expensive, though if you make it a day trip you'll keep costs down significantly. My opinion - Capri is the way to go. Hope that helped some. about 9 years ago

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    Capri is nice but a bit overrated, alot of people on my trip were disappointed with it. It is a pretty island but nothing really extraordinary, not that much different from islands you can get elsewhere in the Med. What has it to offer? A walk to pretty gardens with a nice viewpoint, or for the daring, a walk down the cliff face by a winding path at ones own risk of course. A visit to a perfume factory, leather shoes made to order, funicular ride up to the town, nice restaurants, shopping, bus trip by high cliff road to town on north of island where you can take a chair lift ride up a mountain, boat trip visiting some interesting rock formations or some grotto/cave or something. As has been said the main areas are quite touristy crowded, particularly around the town of Capri in the south of the island, which takes away from the charm of the island. It's not really the super sophsiticated island you may have in your imagination, you won't get that James Bond vibe. You may really like it or feel been there done that. It's also going to take longer to get there since first you have to make your way to Sorrento and them grab a boat from its harbour which is a little bit away from the centre of town at a far lower level. Think you can grab a bus there from the town centre, you'll need it if you haven't got your own transport.

    Pompeii on the other hand is a once off barr Herculaneum which is actually considered better preserved. If you can get to visit both more the better. Both are in the Naples region and visitable by rail transport though, Herculaneum which is down by the sea, is a little bit of a walk to its evacuations. It really depends on what you're into but for sheer uniqueness I'd choose this. You won't get the feeling of been there, done that here. You'll see loads of charming islands around the Med however there's only one Pompeii. Even better if you can fit in a bus trip up Vesuvius, think it can be caught from Herculaneum train station but you'd need to check that out. You'd need plenty of energy to fit in both sites and the volcano in one day so maybe just fit in Pompeii & Vesuvius. More unique option than Capri IMHO, about 9 years ago

    Answered by Hilary via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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