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Born in Brasil I travel south and Central america. Thinking about Asia. Would like sugestions for a budget but confortable and safe trip.Tks Lee

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    Asia is really easy: culturally rich, extraordinary people and cost effective. There is a vast range of options right across the spectrum ... Perhaps if this is your first solo trip, aim for the Buddhist countries:

    - Thailand is an obvious choice because it's easy and really nice

    - Vietnam now also has excellent tourism infrastructure and is also easy and interesting.

    Otherwise, getting a little more adventurous, you might consider Laos, Cambodia or Burma.

    All are wonderful destinations. over 9 years ago

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    Hello. I agree with comments above. Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos are endlessly interesting, lovely people, mostly respectful of older individuals (unlike North Americans who will not bother to speak with you, include you in activities, or value your opinon or advise) So for a solo woman traveller this is important. Also Malaysia, Thailand, Burma. The changing social fabric and frentic economic activity in China is something to behold. But I find it spendy even in the cheapest inns and roadside food vendors. And I speak Chinese. Still,mt is informative, educational, and sometimes enjoyable. (: As I will be in Brazil soon for several months, and also a woman of age who travels alone, perhaps you have suggestions for me? I am interested primarily in coastal towns (though not tourist sites) and learning more of current economic changes, education, social conditions. Enjoy your travels. over 9 years ago

    Answered by MacKenzie via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I would suggest you to go to Thailand and Cambodia. Avoid muslim countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei).
    I faced unfriendly attitude to jews even in the South of Thailand (pierced byke tire). But generally it is safe and nice. I wouldn't recommend travelling alone in any case - it is at least more expensive.

    The budget is from 40-60 shkalim per day plus airfares/busfares. over 9 years ago

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    Thailand is really easy to get around in and cheap. Bangkok might feel like total chaos at first, but you will find it very friendly after a couple of days when you get used to they heat and the traffic.

    More expensive but also very easy and friendly is Japan.
    The japanese people are the most helpful, polite and easy going people i have ever met and i have travelled all over.

    Have a nice journey! over 9 years ago

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