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    Are taxis expensive, well yes. The're alright for the occasional short trip however you certainly wouldn't be using them to travel around Ireland unless you're a Lotto billionaire. Bear in mind the most expensive part of hiring a taxi in Ireland is getting into it, Obviously the distance of course matters but once hired a few extra kilometers shouldn't make that big a difference after you've paid the initial charge of just hiring one in the first place.

    Bus Eireann, the national bus service is really good value and has some great day return prices.


    On the scenic Dublin-Glendalough route St Kevin's Bus has the monopoly on a licence or go on an organised tour.


    Pricier though faster and roomier is our National Railway, Iarnoid Eireann though they can have some good deals too.


    It might be worth looking into renting a car if you can drive with companies like Hertz or Avis for example. Some of them have desks at the arrivals hall in Irish airports.

    The cities themselves have there own local bus service, which extends well out into the suburbs.

    http://www.dublinbus.ie/ services Dublin and the surrounds for example.

    Dublin bike sharing/rental scheme has been a great success story.


    The Dart is a scenic coastal train trip north and south of Dublin. It’s well worth getting a day pass & hoping on & off the train.

    http://answers.worldnomads.com/questions/ireland/5291/is-it-better-to-rent-a-car-in-ireland-or-trains-from-city-to-city about 9 years ago

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    Taxis are not as expensive as they once were. There is a glutten of taxis in Ireland all fighting for your business, so you would be surprised at the good deals on tours off the meter at a fixed price. Make sure you ask for a fixed price and shop around. There is a taxi directory for Ireland covering most towns www.irishtaxicabs.ie about 9 years ago

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