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is in best to get a backpack ?! going for one year ,

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    This depends. Are you young enough to carry it everywhere? Would you be better off with a small wheelie suitcase. Do you normally carry a handbag with bits and pieces in it. I travel with a smallish backpack and treat it like a handbag. Also have the wheelie bag but if going out for the day will take the backpack. There are no backpackers (hitch hikers) in Australia any more, only young people travelling on buses and trains with backpacks. I think a suitcase with wheels is easier. But lots of people have the backpack. Hope this helps. almost 10 years ago

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    I would get a backpack that you can adapt. I have one that has a bit that zips off from the bottom to become an independent day sack. Dont forget to get a sturdy padlock and perhaps one of those mesh nets which goes all around your backpack to try and deter people breaking into it.

    Plan your travel according to seasons - start off when its cold and shed layers the warmer you get! Giving clothes to charity stores along the way would be a good idea.

    When I travelled for four months around Australia and NZ I took layers, a pair of fantastic walking shoes and some flip flops and not a lot else! When it got cold, I bought a cheap fleece and waterproof from a K-mart and then left them behind when it got hot.

    Remember, if you are carrying everything around for one year, its going to be a pain in the butt if you start out with 45kg and just keep adding to it! Decide on essentials - silk underwear (long johns etc) are brilliant and double up as pyjamas, you can buy lightweight towels that dry really quickly etc. Take travel size shampoos and beg for refills.

    Put everything out that you want to take, half it, then half it again, and then half it again! almost 10 years ago

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