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    I went to Ireland in the summer of 2010 and did a paddy wagon tour of Southern Ireland (I wanted to travel the country and this was cheaper than renting a car because I was 21). It was surprisingly really fun and I got to see a lot of attractions! I loved St. Patrick's cathedral but it was a short attraction. We also went to the Guinness factory and, being a beer fan, I really enjoyed the tour and the pint that we got to pour at the end. That being said, they were very touristy. To get a feel for the city, I would recommend going off of the beaten path, finding a good pub, and having a pint while watching a game! over 5 years ago

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    Dublin is not a cheap city at all, in fact listed as one of the most expensive in the world. In a recent study just published 60% of people poled said it was still really expensive regardless of the recession. As you are a student i recommend hostels, but be careful what side of the city you choose, and read the reviews, many tourists have bad experiences and when asked by the police or locals where they are staying we are shocked. That being said I would say, days one night in Dublin and if you do your homework and get up early etc to see everything. The best place in Ireland is without question Donegal, and best value, you can get a bus from the city center or the airport. Kilarney is extremely touristy and always has been. I find it expensive by our standards for this reason. My mother is from here and we spend a lot of time there so I think Im qualified to say this. I also have a place in Dublin so I think Im qualified to speak on Dublin also. You could visit an island from Donegal and get to experience true authentic living etc but for great night life and the best value in Ireland. I always recommend Donegal town to people then you can do day trips to other amazing places from there as in the highest cliffs in Europe. Sligo is on the way and you could go there also if you wanted. Id just visit while passing through though as I don't know how interesting you would find it ???Check out http://www.sandraorourkeglynn.com/killybegs-donegal-irelands-gem/
    or http://www.sandraorourkeglynn.com/arranmore-island-a-little-bit-of-heaven/ over 5 years ago

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