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One of oil and gas co offer me to work in southern Iraq in Rumaila
Now this is safe place or unsafe and how much safe
Risk of life ..?


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    If I was a male I would go no problem. My friends are all over the middle east and africa even in dangerous parts. If you are foolish you will have a problem. If you listen to your oil companies advice, stay in your compound then I would say its safe enough The people who have problems are normally the ones who wander off the beaten track and they have been told not to. I would also expect to on fantastic money. Nothing less than 650UK sterling a day. Nothing less. about 6 years ago

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    Due to the current situation in the middle east, I would think twice before getting the offer . But it all depends of your personal status, how you evaluate risks and also how much the company is offering. A temporary contract might also give you both a life experience and some worth savings.If you are considering it , I would try to make sure with the company and some extra research that the area is actually secured and safe, so you can make the best possible choice. about 6 years ago

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