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Im looking for a 2-3 week break next winter and want to head over somewhere cheap and close. Bali's a bit overrated for me. I like adventure activities (surfing, fishing, caving, hiking) but also want to lay about alot

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    Check out Lombok Island (close to Bali but not so touristy) and then spend some time on the Gili Islands. My favourite is Gili Trawangan. about 9 years ago

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    Try wakatobi in southeast sulawesi or raja ampat in papua about 9 years ago

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    lombok, flores about 9 years ago

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    Mate, I've recently returned from a month touring Indonesia but I didn't do any of the activities you mentioned. However I reckon you'd enjoy the hike to Bukit Lawang to see the orangutans and the hike on Rinca and Komodo Islands to see the dragons & other wildlife there. While I covered alot of Sumatra, Java & Bali & some of Lombok & Flores, Indonesia is vast so a good guide book should help you. A little bit of paradise is to be found on Samosir Island which is situated in the caldera of the super volcano Lake Toba. Our hotel which was surrounded by beautiful gardens with many orchids was out of this world though I can't remember its name. Though I didn't get as far south on Flores to see Kelimutu where there are the 3 different coloured crater lakes, I reckon you'd enjoy the hike there & the hike up the volcanoes Mt Ijen & Mt Bromo in Java. almost 10 years ago

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    Komodo island, east of bali almost 9 years ago

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    Googling: Raja Ampat, Bira Beach & Selayar. almost 9 years ago

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    Why dont you try to visit java [jogjakarta] all of your interest apply except surfing... :)
    and exploring ancient hindou & buddha shrines

    or java-est [banyuwangi] there you can visit crater ijen and then trekking in alas purwo, there are sacred cave; usually for kejawen meditations
    Sukamade Turtle Beach and for surfing you also can try in G land / Plengkung Beach almost 9 years ago

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    Borobudur was for me the best kept secret almost 9 years ago

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    i would also recommend samosir island lake toba, north sumatra, its paradise and stay in tuk tuk at bagus bay homestay, great value for money, great food beautiful gardens right on the waters edge, peaceful place to relax, you can canoe and trek up the mountain. almost 9 years ago

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