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    If you are sticking to urban areas it's probably not necessary, but if you're going to rural areas it might be a good idea. You are most at risk if you spend long periods in rural areas (a month or more). If you decide to get the vaccine you need 30days before departure because it's a series of 3shots. If you decide against vaccination do everything you can to avoid mosquito bite. This has the added benefit of protecting you against malaria and dengue fever too (which is a good is a good idea anyway) over 9 years ago

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    I live in Indonesia and never heard of it until now. I think it's not common. dengue fever is more famouse. *oops
    or malaria. *uh oh
    but not all place has that kind of mosquitoes. I only know few people who got infected. I myself fortunately have never had any of those diseases, even when my home was full with mosquitoes that came out of nowhere.

    don't get vaccination just for this cause (I hope you didn't). you can still use anti mosquito lotion or spray, or wear protective clothes, or spray your room with lavender or something, or put on netting around your bed if you happen to stay in areas with mosquitoes. over 6 years ago

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