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I am thinking about travelling a little bit more after I return to Aus and thought I would try island hopping through Indonesia and East Timor. Can I just go by boat between all the little islands and what sort of other options and costs am I going to have?

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    Hi, no idea about costs these days but 20 years ago there we loads of ferries at all the main ports at the ends of all the islands. Just rock at in the local town and ask around. Really wasn't too hard.

    But here's a tip if you are game for some adventure:

    Island hop across to Flores, take the bus town to town to near Kelimutu, then take a side trip in a truck down to a little (but quite famous) weaving village called Nggela.

    Then, if you think the truck ride was insane: take the weekly ferry boat from the coast to the nearest port. Without a doubt this ride was the most insane boat ride I have ever taken. 10 meter swells and villagers steping off sheer cliffs to reach the ferry. I kid you not. One of these days I'll get to write up the journey in detail.

    Have fun over 11 years ago

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