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Does anyone know which areas are good, for have budget accommodation recommendations? Appreciate the help.

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    On the whole, yes it is. However, be mindful of a couple of things:

    - Being tropical, there are risks of Malaria, and while you might be able to take anti-malaria pills, these certainly wouldn't be recommended for young children or babies. Additionally Dengue fever, which is also Mosquito borne, is a risk and there is no protection other than don't get bitten! As such: cover up, use mosi nets everywhere (take your own) and use mosi-repellant.

    - I've always found the food to be excellent and never had any problems with Bali belly, however, when we travel as a young family we take loads of anti-septic hand-wipes and religiously use them 20 times a day. Kids invariably pick stuff up and get dirty so get them used to cleaning several times and hour before any food or water.

    - Carry your own water bottle and only drink bottled water.

    - And last but not least, always take out travel insurance - just in case. I've never needed it with my family, although I've come close a few times ... the last was in Jogjakarta when I thought my 5 year old had Bird Flu ... about 9 years ago

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    As it is in most developing countries, there are still a lot to be desired when it comes to hygiene. But, if you make sure the babies are taken care properly, you should not worry.

    I have never heard any recent air-borne disease on the island. about 9 years ago

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