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I have about 6 weeks to tour this region. All going well, I have about 3 weeks accounted for on a land trip through Java, Sumatra and Bali. I also want to visit Krakatoa which is problematic because I need to find others to share the trip with someone otherwise it would cost the earth. After flight time I will have 2-3 weeks left. How would it be best used, heading south to Lombok, Gili & Komodo Islands in Nusa Tenggara or north to Kalimantan or East Malaysia in Borneo? I don't want any heavy duty walking. Are there any singles friendly,good value companies I could use & how am I going to get around the problem of getting to Krakatoa. I'd rather prebook with a reputable company than wait till I get there & try to organise it on the ground. My interests are wildlife, tribal cultures, snorkelling, good food, beautiiful scenery & of course volcanoes.

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    well if you don't want any heavy duty walking I'd avoid Borneo.

    My personal recommendation would be to head to Flores which is further east from Lombok, but the best way to get there is to organise it yourself once you are in Indonesia rather reputable companies (neither GapAdventures nor Intrepid go as far as Flores). It isn't too difficult and is a fascinating island with some wonderful people/villages - try and get to a weaving village called Nggella if you can!

    Can't help on Krakatoa - fascinating history so let me know how you go!

    Have a great trip. Its a wonderful place if you haven't been.


    Simon almost 9 years ago

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    I have to say that 3 weeks to see Java, Sumatra and Bali is really pushing it.
    Basically all you will be doing is travelling from A to B and not spending the time to really enjoy the places you visit.
    After 9 trips to Indonesia I can tell you from experience Indonesia needs to be taken slowly if you are going to really enjoy it.
    If I was you I would pick 2 out of the 3.
    Sumatra is an adventurous place with very little tourism structure and it is huge so there is a lot of time spent travelling to get from A to B.
    You are more than welcome to email me at pamela_fuge@yahoo.com.au for some scanned maps to help you in your decision making.
    Pamela almost 9 years ago

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    Hi Pamela,

    I'm booked on a 20 day land package all going well. This is the link if I may. http://www.explore.co.uk/holidays/itinerary/tribal-sumatra-java-and-bali?vid=2833
    As you can see it doesn't cover all of Sumatra or Java. It starts in Medan & finishes in Padang on Sumatra. Then we fly to Yogyakarta in Java and tour to the south of the island to catch the ferry to Bali. I could extend Bali if necessary. The thing is the kick off for Krakatoa is usually Jakarta to Carta to catch the boat so I'll have to try & figure that in at the beginning or end of my trip since we've bypassing it except for a stopover in Jakarta. Krakatoa is like the holy grail to us volcano chasers so I'd be disappointed to travel all that way & not see it. My experience from travelling is you've never enough time. One just has to be grateful for the time they have and get to see as much as is possibly enjoyable to do with in that alloted time. That tour company has been around along time so I'm sure the're very experienced & a well oiled machine with their own transport which should save time. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Hilary via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I'm about to place the balance on my trip which will mean I'm committed. However I'm reading the travel advice on Indonesia and Krakatoa on this site & it seems very negative, infact possitively frightening regarding both. I'm beginning to question my choice of destination & should I cancel plans to go to Krakatoa? My trip begins in Medan. What is the safest way for me to get from the airport to my accomodation.

    Then I'm worried about the malaria threat. How do I protect myself. Should I bring my own moquito net. Is deet safe & should I use more natural deterents such as fish oil tablets. Your site advises knowing a hotels security arrangements before I book which is very difficult.

    Am I becoming paranoid or is there real reason for concern. There seem to be so many dangers, malaria, terrorism, rabies, crime and natural disasters. ;( almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Hilary via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Hi Hilary,
    Don't get cold feet: it can always seem more scary and daunting before you go but it's easy to get things out of perspective. The reality is usually far more mundane.

    I would however strongly suggest you take a mosquito net: dengue fever is as much of a problem as malaria. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Matt McAuliffe via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Well first Matt, it seems firstly that one of the major sights I was going to see has an advisory 3 kilometers exclusion zone around it. Volcanic activity has increased in Indonesia in the last year or so causing a chain reaction. Mount Merapi on Java erupted and although that appears safe now, Krakatoa has also starting erupting & isn't considered safe to approach.

    To make matters more scary, a 22 year old acquaintance of my sisters friends died a few days ago of in Indonesia. The death has been linked to food poisoning though it will take an autopsy to determine was it the food poisoning that killed her or a reaction to the medication that was given to her to combat it.

    How can I limit the danger of getting good poison over there and does it happen to alot of food poisoning. This is the second major incident in the last year where a young person acquainted to someone I know, died or almost died. The other was a young Australian man who gashed his leg while surfiing in Bali. He got blood poisoning & had to be air ambulanced to Cairns cause the medical facilities in Indonesia weren't aqequate. After an induced coma and getting bits of him amputated, he's luckily still alive but disabled.

    Indonesia sounds really dodgy. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Hilary via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Hi, More questions and thanks to everyone who's taken the time to answer so far.

    Firstly are the Gili Islands worth seeing. I see mixed reviews about it. Which is the best island to stay on and where is best to stay. I see there are two places that might interst me, Tir na nOg & Scallywags, is anyone familiar with eiter of them. Are they the best places to stay and are they single friendly.

    I may have time to travel south to Flores & Komodo, how can I do them safely and economically on my own? Has anyone information about good transport, accomodation & tours?

    Also is Lombok worth seeing. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Hilary via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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