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I plan to stop in Miri, the Tip of Borneo, Mt Kinabalu and Sandakan along the way, which I know is feasible with some determination. The main aspect which I need advice on regards Indonesia as I don't have any experience there. I also would want to hire one or more cars, so any specific advice there would be great as well. For example, can I bring a hire car from Sarawak, through Brunei and into Sabah? And what about when I get to Indonesia?

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    ... I don;t know about driving but from my experience, most travel was by boat, light plane or bus ... and lots and lots of walking! over 11 years ago

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    Unless you are familiar with the rules and more importantly the unwritten rules of driving in populated areas of Indonesia, I would hire a car and driver. If you are a foreigner, you will automatically be quoted a higher price than an Indonesian. Bargain hard. It is expected and if you do it in a jovial way, you will usually get at least a 25% reduction on everything to include vehicles. Kalamantan is a beautiful island with Orangutan reserves and rainforests. But there are 17500 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, to include Java to the south where Jakarta the capital and other larger cities are located along with some beautiful scenery in the less populated areas of Java. A very warm and kind culture here on Java. I've not spent enough time where you are going to know the culture well. Good luck. over 11 years ago

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