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    Its 50 - 50 and depends on which part of Medan you will stay and visit at the capital city of North Sumatera. Did you ever been to Indonesia or visit to Nor Sumatera province? almost 10 years ago

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    • I have never been to Indonesia before. I will be flying into Medan then traveling to Bukit Lawang to do a jungle trek. Is it safe to take public transportation by myself? Corrine almost 10 years ago
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    Corinne, I've spoken to a woman who travels regularly to Medan and Bukit Lawang regularly. She's a traveller not a travel provider. She's in her 40's and in her own words, is less likely to attract unwanted attention than a young blonde. Pamela says she's never had a problem in Medan, not even walking around late at night. Note, she is a very experienced traveller and feels very comfortable in Indonesia. She the type to sit and have coffe and a chat with locals rather than hang around at hostels.
    Her advice to you is to dress reasonably modestly - long pants or long skirt, mid arm sleeves and not too much skin or cleavage. And trust your judgement - if it feels dangerous, or a person seems dodgy - walk away.

    Some tips from WorldNomads.com here: http://journals.worldnomads.com/safetyhub/story/59196/Worldwide/Being-Safe-and-Cautious-When-Travelling
    and here:

    Pamela also has some accommodation suggestions (below) where you'll no doubt find like-minded travellers. there's always safety in numbers, and you could make a friendship that lasts a lifetime.


    Blue Angel http://www.sumatra-indonesia.com/blueangel.htm

    Bukit Lawang accomodation suggestions

    and a place NOT mentioned on the above website is Green Hill owned by English woman Andrea Molyneaux and her Indonesian husband Mbra.
    Andrea wrote the page in latest LP Indonesia book on Orangutans.

    Thanks Pamela, and good luck Corrine almost 10 years ago

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    It is not safe. about 9 years ago

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    Hi Zhang yan,
    I am the Pamela from the above post and I am amazed you can reply to this question with such certainly.
    Unsafe in what way?
    From my own personal experience as a solo female in Medan I have never had any problems at all in regards to safety.
    I have spent lots of time in Medan in between my trips to elsewhere in North Sumatra and Aceh and even wandered the main streets at 11.30 pm and been completely safe. I even had the experience of walking back to my room in Jalan Tengah and all the electricity went off and the place was in darkness except for the car lights which I used to walk back to my room.
    Pamela less than a minute ago about 9 years ago

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    Hi i am native Medanese and rest assure it's safe to travel in Medan! about 9 years ago

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    I think the main problem you might encounter is the "excess friendliness" of the locals, especially of the Batak people. They will want to talk to you, know about your country. Beware, some of them can be really handsome, great guitar players and experienced womanizers :-)
    Besides this, you should not worry. They might be annoyingly friendly, but they would never dare touch you or harrass you if you tell them to leave you alone. about 9 years ago

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    Medan is a safe place to visit, just like any other place on earth which is not in a state of war hehehe... New York will be considered dangerous if you don't know what area you should avoid, right? about 9 years ago

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    I'm a Malaysian who stay in Medan for the pass 5 years, Medan is a nice and safe city for all..... Just be reasonably dress will do. about 9 years ago

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