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This is a kind of generic lazy question I usually hate but here I go.
I plan to cross sumatra to Java, was thinking from Padang southwards - time is not too much of an issue, still I wouldn't like to go longer than 4 weeks (still negotiable).

So, if one could spare some suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I suggest about 10-12 days in North Sumatra taking in Medan, Bukit Lawang- orangutans, trekking, partying, Tangkahan - trekking,laying in hot springs, swimming, Brestagi - karo architecture, climbing volcanos, Lake Toba - batak culture, great food, relaxing by the lake.
    Then fly to Padang and spend 10 days in West Sumatra - head by bus up to
    Bukittinggi - cool area - markets, trekking down to Lake Maninjau - bicycling around the lake - Harau Canyon - stay at Abdi Homestay - new place very clean lovely guy running it Ikbal.
    Then fly to Jakarta.

    So much to do and see.
    Apply for a 60 day visa outsie Indonesia that can be extended up to 4 times.
    Willing to asnwer any other questions you may have.
    Love Indonesia - been there 9 times and 10th coming up in 2011. almost 10 years ago

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    Or maybe you would like to go elswhere on Sumatra Island like'
    But I suggest you stay at Pak Mus homestay and go trekking with Pak himself or one of his very experienced guides.
    Some of the other places are using very very inexperienced guides who do not kow how to treat the orangutans.
    I stayed with Pak Mus and family in Nov 2006 - check out my photos.
    and Pak Mus Facebook
    Pamela almost 10 years ago

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    2 days Danau Maninjau minimum. Take a break gets some swims in one of the world's best lakes. Sleepy little town -- was back then anyway. over 9 years ago

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    Kiluan Bay! over 9 years ago

    Answered by Mariza Melia via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    for southern area if sumatra, you can visit palembang, bangka belitung, and lampung
    in palembang, you can see musi river & ampera bridge, then take a boat trip to pulau kemaro (kemaro island) from musi river. there's a temple there. you also should taste the food there, from pempek, tekwan, martabak har, burgo, kemplang, etc
    in bangka belitung, there are many beautiful beaches
    in lampung, you can visit tanjung setia to surf, way kambas to see elephant on their habitat, or teluk kiluan (kiluan bay) to see dolphin on the ocean. you also can go to krakatau volcano about 9 years ago

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    Southward to java from padang has many province, each of them has unique places, ie muara takus temple in jambi, elephant conservation in lampung, biggest flower in bengkulu, krakatoa at sunda strait and surely rhinos conservation at ujung kulon java. Shall you like city tour, then try to visit istana /palace of local historic kingdom in each cities. about 9 years ago

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