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How easy is it to island hop?

almost 12 years ago about Indonesia

Im thinking of island hopping from East Timor to Singapore or somewhere else on mainland asia such as continental Malaysia. I hear its possible to catch ferries from Batam to Singapore. Does anyone know anything about ferries Across Indo?

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    Island hopping from Timor right across to Java is really very easy. Just show up and work it out as you go. Some of the 'ferries' are, ahem, far from safe but it makes for an exciting journey. The best 'ferry' I've ever taken was from a little village called Nggela a famous weaving village on the island of Flores. Highly recommended if you are the adventurous type. almost 12 years ago

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    There are two ferries running between Batam and Singapore. One is "downtown" Batam a block from the hotel that looks like a beached cruise ship. The other is near the tip on the of the island. Ferries run ever hour and take about 45 minutes to make the crossing.

    Once in Sing use the MRT (train/subway) only a couple of dollars to Orchird street. Cabs are expensive and no Ojeks (motorcycles acting as cabs).

    Follow the rules in Singapore, strict laws. Cross at crosswalks and no gum chewing. It is a beautiful city, much more expensive than Indonesia, but you can drink the water and eat the food without concern. almost 12 years ago

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