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Monkey Forest Ubud

over 3 years ago about Bali, Indonesia

My daugher (22 years) got a small bite on her finger in the Ubud monkey forest 60 days ago. It didnt bleed, and only just broke the skin and didnt cause her any problems. As such she didnt go for treatment as she was told that the forest monkeys are clear of rabies. I only found out about this a couple of days ago and have been really worried. She is still travelling. I contacted the monkey forest who confirmed that there is no rabies in the forest, but I am still worrying. Can you confirm that as far as you know the monkey forest in Ubud is rabies free.
Also do you know what the incubation period is for a bite on the finger/thumb. Thank you.

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    May 20, 2015 we were at the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud.
    Despite my caution, my wife was determined to feed the cute monkeys.

    Of course, she was bitten straight away.
    Luckily there is a First-Aid station on site and we immediately walked there for assistance.

    The care provider there assured her the moneys were rabies free (we're hoping the monkeys know this as well!).

    The monkey bite was quite deep and along the top of two knuckles. First-aid consisted of washing the wound and application of antiseptic, along with a bandage over the open bleeding area.

    Within a few hours we went to a medical clinic at Kuta.
    The doctor was called, reviewed the situation and pronounced, "the monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest are rabies free"! Hummm.......

    The assistants then spent 15 minutes washing and cleaning the injury.
    Reapplying an antibiotic and new dressing was all that was needed.

    Now 3 weeks later, there is still some swelling with a small bump in the wound area.
    She now regrets her decision not to have the rabies shots. over 3 years ago

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