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    Hi - Are you scuba diving by any chance? Im a frequent visitor to Manado thanks to the great diving around.
    I would definitely recommend hitting up the Mega Mall in Manado and heading to the lower floor for food supplies and the amazing dutch bakery.
    Tomohon flower tours provide a welcome relief from the heat of manado but you simply must go and trek Mt Tangkoko to see Tarsiers in the wild and the Yaki, the black macaque symbol of the area..a monkey with a mohawk and a red loveheart on his bum!.
    Road transport in Manado is slow - roads are often very windy and you will likely get stuck on the road out to Armidale where you turn to Tomohon behind an ox or pony cart as well as a smoky truck. The roads up to Mt Tangkoko are a thrill a minute but dont worry the drivers know what they are doing.
    BEFORE you book anyone to take you anywhere firmly negotiate a price and make sure fuel is included.
    There are quite a lot of itchy tiny mites around Tangkoko so make sure you have a lot of insect repellant or ask the guys at the ranger station to provide you with some. They take USD but prefer Rupiah. Dont try and find the Tarsiers yourself, it is a long several hour walk and the guides really do know what they are doing.
    While the accomodation in Manado is pretty limited there are quite a few choices depending on your budget.
    Even though the Hotel Celebes on the waterfront has had a make over be warned you will not get much sleep here with the ships moving 24/7 outside your window. Hotel Grand Puri has probably the most comfortable beds in Manado and adjoins a small department store and supermarket.

    While you are out on the road stop and buy some mangosteens and rambutans from outside a local home - you will see little stalls/stands outside many houses.

    Again..transport anywhere in Manado is slow..spread out your activities. Even though the road to Tangkoko goes past the turn off to Tomohon I would not recommend trying to do both in one day - trekking Tangkoko is hard work and is roughly 8 hours trek and drive to and from downtown manado.

    You may get lucky at Tangkoko and also see Cuscus up in the rainforest canopy. Scuba at Lembeh, Bunaken and Bangka. over 4 years ago

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