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Only 3 nights in bali

almost 4 years ago about Bali, Indonesia

Is it worth it to go to Bali if I only have three nights.

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    Yes Mary it is worth it, but you'd be best to stay in one place - it is a tiny island, but with mountains and traffic it takes longer than you'd think to get around.

    Depending what you like to do, you can see a lot based in one spot. People who stay at my little homestay in Ubud, for example, might be interested in Balinese culture, cooking and spirituality. So I'd book them into a wonderful cooking class, where the delightful husband/ wife team pick them up, take them to the market to help choose ingredients, show them how ricefield cultivation works, give them a tour and explanation of a Hindu family compound and a traditional kitchen/ medicine garden, and then they would COOK UP A STORM! and eat it with fellow travellers. They might go to a traditional Hindu dance performance that night, or come dancing to a cover or salsa band with me that night. The next day, a dear friend who is a Hindu priest - zany young dad who looks like a reggae hippy - will take them on a spiritual journey, dressed in Balinese trad clothes, to the water temple which is the source of the isand's holy water. They can go as observer or participants, both are fascinating and everyone (even the reluctant partners) LOVE it. They can also visit a couple of the great non-profits that are helping with education, mothers and babies, etc. Or spend a great day shopping with some stores that are reasonable and not everything the same (as they'd often find in the more touristy south of the island).

    If they've planned it with me, I would also book them into one of three simply amazing fusion restaurants here (2 week waiting list).

    And of course they'll take a 3-4 hour trip to visit some of the most beautiful rice terraces, and photograph some exquisite little temples.

    In that way, 3 full days in Bali is enough to get a taste of the real life of one of the world's precious places.

    Good luck!

    Jen almost 4 years ago

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    If you only have 3 nights. You can take daily tour each day. 1st day West Bali, 2nd day North Bali or South Bali, 3rd day East Bali.
    I met a nice person who arranges this kind of trip in Bali
    Good Luck !! almost 4 years ago

    Answered by Nicole via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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