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We're going for a little over a week, and my only worry is that Bali is situated right in front of the Sunda plate edge just like Sumatra is (it was very badly hit by the Tsunami in 2012). Are the people there and us at high risk of a tidal wave as bad as Sumatra's? It is our first time going to that side of the world and we'd like to prepare in case anything like this happened.

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    In theory Bali and every coastal area in SE Asia could be hit by a tsunami, but it is extremely extremely unlikely.
    Even less likely than having a major earthquake hit San Francisco.
    Don't let it affect your plans to go to Bali if that's something you'd like to do. about 5 years ago

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    TravelEater is correct - you really shouldnt let a one in a billion maybe what if scenario stop you from enjoying life. The actual Sundra plate is located farther north - I was diving through the 8.6 quake and enjoyed the 8.2 quake in Sumatra 414km from the epicentre of the quakes. From someone who was there - trust me - it was nowhere near as big as the media build up.
    The Tsunami warning systems are set to go off through out the region. That is why you heard of sirens from Phuket to Bali when there was no danger at all of a tsunami due to the mechanisms of those quakes.
    I cannot guarantee there wont be another devastating tsunami, there will, just where and when is the question.....but you are more likely to die of boredom than die in a tsunami. Live life and enjoy. over 4 years ago

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    just for information, as i know Bali always safe from tsunami ^^,
    cause i have many friends in Bali. if some beach have a danger condition the beach guard will announce all visitor for out from beach. so don;t be afraid for visit Bali island ^_^.

    If you need information about Bali before make schedule for visit Bali, u can ask me ^^. i will help you to ask my friends in Bali about the weather and condition there.

    For any good place, from Bali u can cross by speedbot to lombok island. Lombok have many beautyful beach ^_^ over 4 years ago

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    Actually, no city that is next to water is " safe" from a Tsunami. Bali, itself just doesn't get the severe waves because of the other islands in the way of the Tsunami. Whereas , in Canada if an Earthquake created a Tsunami the backlash would take out the eastern side of Vancouver Island. over 4 years ago

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