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We are travelling to Bali at the end of August for a week with our 2 year old son and we are wondering what are our options to get around?
I'm assuming Bali faces similar issues as most Asian tourist destinations of traffic.
Do you find yourself stuck in a lot of traffic if renting a car was one of the options?
My son will absolutely lose it!

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    Bali is a great place to enjoy with young children because the Balinese love children. If you haven't travelled overseas with your kids before, Bali is a pretty good starting point.

    When we did it with ours, we found most accommodation places are able to provide drivers either for day trips, and do drop offs or pick ups from restaurants or temples.

    We based ourselves in Ubud back then.

    Now our children are older, we're heading back there next week and hiring a car.

    It really depends where on the island you'll be located: Kuta and the souther strip can be pretty busy, but the rest of the island is idyllic.

    Hope that helps and have a great time there. about 6 years ago

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